Novo disco trará gravações de Stephen Stills e Hendrix. Parte do legado ou apenas golpe de marketing?

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Novo disco trará gravações de Stephen Stills e Hendrix. Parte do legado ou apenas golpe de marketing?

Mensagem  Admin em Ter Fev 02, 2010 3:59 pm

He may have passed away in 1970, but ask any old rocker and they'll tell you that Jimi Hendrix isn't dead as long as we still have his music. Well, a recent announcement must mean that Hendrix is alive and well!

In the last years of his short life, Hendrix recorded a number of sessions with Stephen Stills (of Crosby, Stills & Nash fame) and these recordings are finally going to see the light of day:

John McDermott, one of the archivists and overseers of Jimi Hendrix's recordings, has confirmed that an album of tracks featuring Stephen Stills and Hendrix is being readied for release.

"Stephen has been working with Experience Hendrix to compile an album's worth of sessions recorded with Jimi Hendrix during 1969 and 1970." McDermott says he is acting as a co-producer on the collection, but no further details are being released yet.

Previous sessions involving the two guitarists have emerged before – notably the Stills' Basement bootlegs - but the authenticity of some of those tracks has been questioned. One track featuring Hendrix on guitar, from 1970 - Old Times, Good Times – appeared on Stills' self-titled debut album of the same year, but it seems there is much more.

Now the bad news: There's more Stills than Hendrix in the forthcoming collaboration. A source close to the project told that "we have tapes in our archive -- Jimi on guitar and bass -- plus Stephen had some from his 1970 solo album that he wanted to finish, fix and mix. From a musical point of view, it's definitely Stephen with Jimi helping -- as opposed to a joint collaboration. But it is still a very nice project."

Ou ainda:

Jimi Hendrix fans have a new experience in store
The late musician's half-sister is overseeing the release of a 'new' album of previously unreleased material.
January 11, 2010|By Geoff Boucher

Warner Music Group has undertaken a major Frank Sinatra revival that is both archival -- with the release of vintage recordings -- and entrepreneurial with new ventures in advertising, film and perhaps a Las Vegas casino. Michael Jackson was the bestselling artist of last year (8.2 million albums sold in the U.S. alone), and the Beatles came in third (3.3 million); country crossover singer Taylor Swift finished between the two with music that was actually recorded in this century.

The Fab Four also hit the video game market with their Rock Band game, the latest of their seemingly seasonal encores as a pop-culture force.

And now, Hendrix is warming up as a 21st century enterprise.

Born in Seattle in 1942, Johnny Allen Hendrix would take on a persona that matched his trippy guitar feedback. His persona -- part gypsy mystic/part cosmic visitor -- made him seem somehow both earthy and otherworldly, a combination that made him a touchstone figure for a tie-dyed generation.

When he set his guitar on fire on stage in 1967 at the Monterey International Pop Festival he truly ignited his career. The Jimi Hendrix Experience recorded signature 1960s tracks such as "Purple Haze" and "Foxey Lady," but their frontman's fashion influence and guitar innovations made him greater than the sum of those hits.

Hendrix died in London after a night of barbiturate use in September 1970. He was 27 and had no will. His estate, which is now valued somewhere north of $80 million, was caught up in legal battles for years; initially, control went to his father, Al Hendrix, but over the next decade he ceded it to others with results that left Hendrix devotees grumbling.

Power struggle

Eventually, Al Hendrix wrested control back, leading to the 1995 creation of Experience Hendrix, but his 2002 death led to more court conflicts. Janie, the half-sister of Jimi, emerged as the victor when the dust settled in 2008. She says that now, finally, the obstacles have been cleared and "Valleys of Neptune" is part of a major cache of material that will be tapped.

"There are things that were acquired through the years, both music and film footage and home recordings, or things that were left behind by the old administration not taking care of things," she said. "We have material for a decade's worth [of new releases]."



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